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2024 Dragon Boat Festival Assembly

Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming will be holding the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Assembly on the morning of Saturday 8 June.

There will be many activities that students will be participating in, including a Dragon boat race, making paper dumplings, tying 5 coloured strings and more.

Parents are welcome to come along and join the festivities.

The school is also selling rice dumplings online at Please place your order online, and you can collect it from the office on Saturday 8 June.


端午节早会活动丰富多彩,包括旱地龙舟赛,制作纸粽子,配系五彩丝等。 欢迎家长一同参加端午节系列活动。

此外,学校今年依旧售卖美味可口的端午节粽子,请您线上订购: 一但您的订单被送达,我们会通知您于6月8日来学校办公室缴费并领取您订购的粽子。