Last Day of School 12 December

The Last Day of Chinese School will be 12 December 2021, please ensure students attend so that they can get their report cards. Please also note, this is the last day to enrol for next year whilst still receiving the Early Bird Discount. All school fees will be increased from 13 December 2021 onwards. The School Fee Calculator on the Enrol page will also be updated.

End of Year Assembly / Talent Show

The Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming End of year Assembly / Talent Show will be held on Saturday 12 December 2021, which is also the last day of school. Students will be given a chance to showcase their talents at the School Assembly, and parents are welcome to attend.

Choice of Chinese Schools

Please click on the attached image to show the various Chung Wah Chinese Schools available. There should be one close to your home.

2022 Enrolment Forms

Existing students, your new enrolment forms have been printed and given to the student in the week of 6 November. For new students, please download a copy of the new blank enrolment at the link here or complete the google form at here.

New School Fees for 2022

New school fees are now published on 5 November 2021 on the Enrol page. Please check the salary calculator to check how much should you pay. Please note, you must enrol before February 2022, or else there will be an additional Levy of $120 that must be paid.

School Enrolment 6 Nov 2021

The enrolment period for Leeming Chung Wah Chinese school will open from the 6 November 2021 through to the last day of school 11 December 2021.