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2024 Class Photo Order

Like last year, all ordering of class photos will be done online, and collection of photos will be from the office.
This year no orders will be accepted through the teachers or the office. All orders must come through the online form.

今 年 所 有 照 片 冲 洗 打 印 只 通 过 网 络 申 请 预 定 。

Please go through the class photos below and if you wish to place an order, complete the online order form HERE.

After you fill out the online order request, we will print the class photo and then notify you when it is ready for pick up. Please visit .the office on the next available Saturday to pay and pick up your order.

在 您 填 写 班 级 照 片 预 定 申 请 后 ,我 们 会 打 印 印 相 关 照 片 后 通 知 您 来 办 公 室 缴 费 并 领 取 ( 一 般 会 在 您 发 出 预 定 申 请 后 的 第 二 至 三 周 周 六 上 课 期 间)。

All photos shown are property of Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming. Please do not save, share or distribute in any way due to privacy laws. The school will also be taking this post down once the online ordering period is over.

Class 2A Funny pose
Year 6
Pre-Primary Funny pose
Year 5
Year 4
Year 3
Class 2A
Class 2B
Year 7
Class 1A Funny pose
Class 1B
Class 1B Funny pose
Adult Class Beginners 2
Adult Class Beginners 1
Year 8
Class 1A
Class 2B Funny pose