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Fun Dragon Boat Festival

A fun-filled Dragon Boat Festival day was had on Chinese School last Saturday 8 June.

Following the Award presentations for the Story Telling Competition winners and Best Oral Awards, the school honoured our two long term volunteers, each with well over 20 years of volunteering experience at the school (Mrs Kam Choon Loo and Mrs Elaine Wong).

The audience was amazed by a wonderful performance on electric guitar, performed by Ben Shin. Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming is intending to open a new after-school Extra Curricular Activity (ECA Class) to teach children how to play guitar in Term 3. Parents interested in this class are asked to discuss their interest with the Principle and Vice Principle.

The assembly is followed by fun activities for all students, making paper dumplings, playing throw the stick, or participating/witness the on land inflatable dragon boat race.

Our special guests also had great fun on the day. Special thanks to:

  • Mr Michael Lee, Vice President of Chung Wah Association,
  • Ms Jen Nie Chong, Secretary of Chung Wah Association, and
  • Mayor Katy Mair, Mayor of the City of Melville

for participating in all the activities.