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Fun Dragon Boat Festival

A fun-filled Dragon Boat Festival day was had on Chinese School last Saturday 8 June. Following the Award presentations for the Story Telling Competition winners and Best Oral Awards, the school honoured our two long term volunteers, each with well over 20 years of volunteering experience at the school (Mrs Kam Choon Loo and Mrs Elaine Wong). The audience was amazed by a wonderful performance on electric guitar, performed by Ben Shin. Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming is intending to open a new after-school Extra Curricular Activity (ECA Class) to teach children how to play guitar in Term 3. Parents interested in this class are asked to discuss their interest with the Principle and Vice Principle. The assembly is followed by fun activities for all students, making paper dumplings, playing throw the stick, or participating/witness the on land inflatable dragon boat race. Our special guests also had great fun on the day. Special thanks to: for participating in all the activities.

2024 Dragon Boat Festival Assembly

Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming will be holding the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Assembly on the morning of Saturday 8 June. There will be many activities that students will be participating in, including a Dragon boat race, making paper dumplings, tying 5 coloured strings and more. Parents are welcome to come along and join the festivities. The school is also selling rice dumplings online at Please place your order online, and you can collect it from the office on Saturday 8 June. 黎明中华中文学校将于2024年6月8日(星期六)早举行端午节早会。 端午节早会活动丰富多彩,包括旱地龙舟赛,制作纸粽子,配系五彩丝等。 欢迎家长一同参加端午节系列活动。 此外,学校今年依旧售卖美味可口的端午节粽子,请您线上订购: 一但您的订单被送达,我们会通知您于6月8日来学校办公室缴费并领取您订购的粽子。

2024 Class Photo Order

Like last year, all ordering of class photos will be done online, and collection of photos will be from the office. This year no orders will be accepted through the teachers or the office. All orders must come through the online form. 今 年 所 有 照 片 冲 洗 打 印 只 通 过 网 络 申 请 预 定 。 Please go through the class photos below and if you wish to place an order, complete the online order form HERE. After you fill out the online order request, we will print the class photo and then notify you when it is ready for pick up. Please visit .the office on the next available Saturday to pay and pick up your order. 在 您 填 写 班 级 照 片 预 定 申 请 后 ,我 们 会 打 印 印 相 关 照 片 后 通 知 您 来 办 公 室 缴 费 并 领 取 ( 一 般 会 在 您 发 出 预 定 申 请 后 的 第 二 至 三 周 周 六 上 课 期 间)。 All photos shown are property of Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming. Please do not save, share or distribute in any way due to privacy laws. The school will also be taking this post down once the online ordering period is over.

2024 Rice Dumpling Order

This year in celebration of Dragon Boat Festival, the Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming is fundraising through selling rice dumplings. Each rice dumpling is made up of pork, mushroom, chestnut and yolk. The school is selling each rice dumpling at $8 a piece. To order your rice dumplings from Chinese School, please fill in the online order form here. Your order will be ready for collection on Saturday 8 June 2024 from the office. Please bring your money for payment on the day. You must submit your order by Sunday 2 June 2024 at the latest. No further orders will be accepted after this date. Note*, All card transactions will incur a 1% surcharge. We also accept cash. 为 了 庆 祝 今 年 的 端 午 节,黎 明 中 华 中 文 学 校 通 过义 卖 粽 子 筹 集 资 金。 每 个 粽 子 都 是 由 猪 肉、蘑 菇、栗 子 和 蛋 黄 做 成 的。学 校 每 只 粽 子 售 价 8 元。 如果您需要 从 中 文 学 校 订 购 粽 子,请 在 这 里 填 写 在 线 订 购 表。 您 的 订 单 将 于 2024 年 6 月 8 日 星 期 六 在 办 公 室 领 取。请 带 上 现金 当 天 付 款 (我们接受刷卡付款,需要另付1%的手续费)。 您 必 须 最 迟 在 2024 年 6 月 2 日 星 期 天 之 前 提 交 订 单。在 此 日 期 之 后 将 不 再 接 受… Read More »2024 Rice Dumpling Order

End of Term 1, Term 2 start 20 April

Today (23 March 2024) is the last day of Term 1. Term 2 of Chinese School will recommence on 20 April 2024. Please enjoy a safe and fun school holiday.

Thank you to Story Telling Competitors

On Saturday 16 March, Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming held its annual Story Telling Competition. A big thank you to all the students who participated in the competition. You showed courage and great skill to recite your chosen stories in front of your fellow students.

School start 3 February

Happy New Year! The first day of the 2024 School year will start from Saturday 3 February 2024. Enrolment is still open for this year. Please apply in person at Chung Wah Leeming Chinese School. This year’s Chinese New Year falls on the second day of school – Saturday 10 February 2024. To celebrate, Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming will be hosting a whole of school assembly on the morning of Saturday 10 February. There will be student performances to celebrate the new year. Please come along. Please note*, it was previously reported that there will be lion dances during the assembly. Due to circumstances, Chung Wah Leeming Chinese School will not be hosting lion dances during the assembly this year. Apologies for the incorrect information advertised previously.

Assembly on Saturday 2 December

End of year school assembly and talent show will be held on Saturday 2 December 2023. All parents are welcome to attend and enjoy the performances. The assembly will begin around 9.15 am. Please arrive on time.

Updated bank details for enrolment 2024

Please note, if you wish to pay your enrolment fees via EFT, the bank details for Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming has changed for the 2024 Enrolment year. The new bank details are as follows: BSB: 086-006Account No: 80-610-5506Account Name: CWCS Leeming

Enrolment for 2024

To all parents and students, enrolment for Chung Wah Leeming Chinese School has begun on Saturday 11 November. Individual student enrolment forms have been provided to existing students on Saturday 11 November. Please review the details on the form and if there are any changes, to correct the form and let the School administration staff know that we can update your contact details. For new students interested in joining the school in 2024, you can find the following blank enrolment and Chung Wah membership forms: 2024 School Fees We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards and EFT Transfer. For more information about how to pay for enrolments, please go to Enrolment page. Please note, Credit Card transactions have 2% surcharge.